How to assess the stitching quality of uniforms for school uniforms

It is always important to check the clothing quality before buying school uniforms. You may think that buying a school uniform is easy, but that’s not true. School uniforms are somehow different from the casual clothes. Those are supposed to be very reliable, and this is only possible when the quality of clothes is great. But how would you ensure that the quality of uniform is great before buying? Well, there are several things to check. Most people just check the clothing stuff, colors, and other elements like buttons, etc. However, checking the stitching quality is the most crucial factor while ensuring the quality of clothes.

If you are not sure about how to check the stitching quality of school uniforms, don’t worry about it anymore. We will let you know how you can check everything in detail about the stitching quality before buying.

Check seams and hems

Firstly, when buying school uniforms, you must check the stitching quality of seams and hems. Look closely at the seams and check if there are any gaps between the threads. You can also check this by trying to pull them apart. Keep in mind that you need to gently pull them so that you could know about the stitching quality of seems. Another thing to check is how hems are stitched. If the clothing quality is good, the hems would be tightly stitched. If the hems are loose or there is some gap, you can find out that the clothing quality is not that good.

Check if there are any broken stitches

    This is the most important thing while ensuring the stitching quality of school uniforms. As we have discussed above, you need to make sure that the clothes are reliable. And if the stitches are broken, the clothing quality is not considerable. There are different types of broken stitches.

  • The most common type of broken stitches is needle cutting. It happens when the thread is being broke during the stitching process. Due to needle cutting, one seam crosses another seam as the seam has to be consistent throughout the line. If you see something like this in the uniform, you can access the stitching quality.
  • Another thing to check is skipped stitch. Most of the time, while stitching the seam, a skipped stitch happens. When it happens, the seam will appear broken and it must be re stitched in order to be perfect.
  • You can also check if there are any color degradation in the threads. It also shows the quality of thread as well as the stitching quality of uniform.

Check all the edges of the uniform

Checking the edges of the uniform is also important. Sometimes, the edges are not consistent, and there are threads coming out of the edges. If you see something like this in the uniform, you can leave that one as it shows the bad stitching quality. All the edges throughout the uniform must be consistent and with the same stitching quality.

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