How to assess the quality of printed logo on uniform garments

Assessing the quality of printed logo on uniform garments is important. There are different things that can help us to check the durability of the logo printed on uniform garments. If you want to buy uniform garment, don’t worry at all. We are going to help you by providing different ways to make sure the printed logo has good quality. You can read all the following methods to assess the quality of the printed logo.

  • Check flexibility
  • Checking the flexibility of the printed logo and uniform is a must. If the logo is flexible enough on the uniform surface, this is a good sign about the excellent quality of the printed logo. Usually, flexibility is directly connected with the durability of clothes. The logo should be properly distributed on the surface of the cloth.

  • Check colors
  • The color of the logo has great importance. There is no logo without colors. There are different ways to check and analyze the quality of the colors in the logo printed on smooth fabrics. You can check the logo under a light source and check how light effects the logo colors. You can also check the different logos on different uniform garments. It is necessary that all logos have the same color density and color tone at different garments of a uniform.

  • Check the brand name
  • Checking a brand name to assess the quality of the printed logo on the uniform is the most straightforward way. You can trust the big names of the brand. They usually use the latest techniques to print the logo on a uniform. Also, their complete manufacturing process of uniform is according to the standards of uniform durability. However, we always recommend not to just rely on the brand name of the uniform. Always check all the criteria to assess the quality of the printed logo on uniform garments.

  • Check the printing method
  • The printing method plays a vital role in the quality and durability of a logo. Generally, two ways of screen printing and embroidery are used to print logos on the uniform. Manufacturers use these both methods in different conditions depending on the stuff and attributes of the garments.

On the other hand, in screen printing, the logo is produced by squeezing inks through mesh screens. In this technique, the logo is directly screen on the layer of the uniform. There is a need for different mesh screens for all different colors in a logo. This kind of logo printing is also durable and has great results. You can choose the logo manufactured by any technique according to your particular requirements.

  • Suitability
  • You must check the suitability of the logo on the uniform. By suitability, our mean is to check different factors about a printed logo. You can check the place, color contrast with uniform, the material used for the logo, and overall durability of the logo. If all these characteristics about the logo are good, the chances are that you can use the uniform for a long time without any issues.

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