How to assess the quality and durability of fabrics for school uniforms ?

We have to wear different kinds of clothes at various events and at different ages. All clothes have different characteristics, but the quality is the factor which we check in kind of clothes. If we specifically talk about the school uniform, there is a need for more durability and high quality. It is because the students have to wear the uniform on a daily basis and for a long duration. People always pay special attention to assess the quality and durability of fabrics for school uniforms. It is necessary because there are different uniform manufacturing companies in the market, and not all of them are manufacturing high-quality fabrics. After reading this article thoroughly, you will have all the details to estimate the quality of any kind of school uniform. Let’s have a look at all the following points which you should keep in mind while checking school uniform fabrics.

Hold uniform to light and stretch

If you want to check the durability of the fabrics of uniform, hold it towards the light and stretch. It will give you enough idea of the quality. You need to keep stretching the fabric three or four times to its full extent. Try to note the lines and other details on the surface of the cloth. You can also pay special attention to the yarns, and if they are spun tightly, the uniform fabric is of good quality.

Check the seams

Seams are an essential part of any cloth, especially uniforms. A seam is a line where usually two pieces of fabric from the opposite direction are sewn together in uniform. Seams directly affect the overall quality of the uniform. Seams can be on the outer or inner side of the uniform. These seams provide the details about the quality of the material/fabric used to manufacture uniform. Pay particular attention to inner and outsides surfaces and check if there are any spots with loose stitching or over the stitching. If you find such issues in various areas of uniform, be aware because the chances are that the uniform is not of good quality.

Always check cut corners

Checking the cut corners is also a good way to find out the best fabric for a uniform. This is also the easiest way to judge the overall manufacturing quality of uniform. Make sure both sleeves have the same length, size, and other details are mentioned on stuff, and all sides of the uniform have a precise cut. Otherwise, there can be the pressure of body parts on uneven uniform cuts, and such uniform does not have durability.


Comfort is also a factor that has a great importance while choosing a uniform fabric. A comfortable fabric is also considered safe and durable. While choosing a uniform, make sure that you don’t choose the size which is too tight. Carefully analyze the size and comfort level of different parts of the uniform. Your hands can do the trick for you. Let your hands touch the school uniform material and inform you about the quality and durability.
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