How does school uniform affects child’s behaviour

  • Professionalism- school uniform provides a sense of professionalism and builds sense of responsibility. Every morning when the child dresses up in their school uniform, it gives them a feeling of pride and enthusiasm.
  • Motivation– Students who feel safe are less likely to behave disruptively, are less likely to fear going to school, and have more energy to expend on their studies. School uniform, in so far as it contributes to a safer environment, has an important part to play. School uniforms motivate students as a part of discipline process.
  • Confidence- In these highly trending times, there is a concern that teenage girls and boys, may be under substantial peer pressure to dress in a particular way to be accepted or appreciated by their social circle.They tend to be more focused on who is wearing the latest brands and styles which results in focusing less on studies. In schools with a uniform policy, the level for everyone is same.Thus makes the child more confident.
  • Builds self-esteem- A bad school uniform can be disastrous to the image and this can be a source of immense embarrassment for children. When students are taking part in inter school competitions and programs, a good school uniform will make them more confident and provide self belief. Badly tailored or coloured uniforms can have the opposite effect and students might even be mocked by children from other schools. Hence, schools need to understand that the days of a uniform being just a part of school wear are over and they are an important part of the child’s make up.
  • Attentive and focused – Students who are in uniform are more focused on their academics, thus minimising disciplinary problems. Uniforms also represents order and respect for authority, which students show when they are able to dress uniformly. The uniform policy teaches students responsibility and consequences, because most uniform policies provide disciplinary consequences for students who violate the dress code policy. With a uniform policy teachers can spend more time teaching, rather than keeping a check on students who are not dressed properly.

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