Colour plays a vital role in psychology

Colour plays a vital role in psychology. The term colour psychology is the study of hues as a determinant of human behaviour. Researchers have found that each colour has a distinctive impact on our mood and behaviour. Certain colour can provoke emotions and leaves a strong impact on our mind. For instance, white makes our mind calm while red resembles energy and power. This colour psychology also plays an important role in uniforms. Here’s a list of colours mostly widely used while manufacturing uniforms. Each colour has a specific use in most sectors and industries.

  • Red– Synonymous to energy and passion, red colour is eye-catching. The colour gives a sense of confidence and positivity. It invokes strength and courage. The red colour uniform is ideally suitable for the food and beverage industry. Red stimulates appetite, energy and emotions.
  • White– If calmness and peace can be described as a colour, it has to be white any given day. White represents purity, cleanliness, minimalism and better hygiene. Uniforms of this colour are widely used by medical staffs and chefs.
  • Purple– The colour of warmth, royalty and dignity, purple stands for premium quality. It represents wisdom and distinctions.
  • Green– The colour of the wild, symbol of our nature, green stands for calmness, balance, productivity, health, peace, invoke abundant feelings and some sort of refreshment. The colour is soothing and calming and thus gives a sense of growth and confidence.
  • Black-The colour black implies power, strength, elegance, authority and formality. It might be taken as the colour of negativity but when it comes to the work front, black symbolises authority, luxury, dignity, sense of security and control.
  • Yellow– An indication of sunshine, this colour is perfect to attract customers and passengers. It indicate hope, warmth, enthusiasm, cheerfulness and positivity. It impacts a great sense of friendliness and hope.
  • Blue- the colour blue represents strength and gives an impact of trustworthiness. It implies trust and sense of responsibility. Blue is the colour of loyalty and reliability.
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